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72362. Lenard 21-09-2014, 18:49
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Hulu revealed that it is launching a user generated tagging system to facilitate content discovery, because its video catalog has now "grown to a size where tags will prove extremely useful": "Those of you who are heavy users of the Web are likely already familiar with the benefits of tags as both a classification system and a discovery tool," the posting-authored by Hulu product manager, Varun Narang stated.
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72361. Joel 21-09-2014, 18:42
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72360. Dannielle 21-09-2014, 18:42
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72359. Stewart 21-09-2014, 18:06
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72358. Emile 21-09-2014, 17:34
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72357. Dorcas 21-09-2014, 17:32
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72356. Tamie 21-09-2014, 17:27
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72355. Hallie 21-09-2014, 17:14
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72354. Emanuel 21-09-2014, 16:31
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72352. Fletcher 21-09-2014, 16:16
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72351. Kassandra 21-09-2014, 15:36
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72347. Frieda 21-09-2014, 14:42
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72345. Pamela 21-09-2014, 14:33
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72344. Britt 21-09-2014, 14:33
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72340. Etsuko 21-09-2014, 14:20
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72339. Brianne 21-09-2014, 14:17
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72338. Mitchel 21-09-2014, 14:13
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72337. Georgetta 21-09-2014, 14:12
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72336. Nick 21-09-2014, 13:57
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72333. Beau 21-09-2014, 13:32
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72327. Charity 21-09-2014, 13:13
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72326. Sadye 21-09-2014, 13:12
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72325. Michaela 21-09-2014, 13:11
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